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If you are pregnant, congratulations! We are happy to be a part of this momentous change for you.

Comprehensive obstetrical care for both low and high risk pregnancies is provided by our experienced, dedicated group of health practitioners. From pre-conception to post-partum and beyond, we will do our best to ease any worries you may have. We will provide all of the information you need to make your pregnancy journey as positive an experience as possible. Your safety and comfort (both physical and emotional), and the safety of your baby/babies are our top priorities.








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The services we provide include:

An ultrasound at your initial visit (Exton office only, please note ultrasound is not available in our Paoli office),

Fetal monitoring if needed in the 3rd trimester (Exton office only),

External version – an attempt to turn the baby if s/he is not head down at term,

VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) – most patients are candidates for a trial of labor after Cesarean (TOLAC) if an attempt to deliver vaginally is desired,

Elective C-section – this is an option for patients certain they would prefer to avoid labor.

For all patients wishing to have a vaginal delivery, we will recommend delivery by C-section only if medically necessary.


















We will support your wishes regarding pain medication for labor and delivery, whether it be for optimal pain management or for an un-medicated experience.

Doula’s are welcome if you wish to have an additional source of support for labor and delivery.

For additional information about what you may expect, please see the OB Packet under Resources.

We are here to help make the birth of your baby a special and memorable experience. Welcoming new lives into the world continues to be one of the most rewarding components of our work.


If you are not pregnant but are planning a pregnancy, consider making a pre-conceptual counseling appointment with one of the physicians. Your partner is welcome. We can help identify important risk factors for pregnancy, and help you minimize those risks. It is best to know about exposures to avoid at home and/or work, including certain medications and pet-related activities, before you conceive. If fertility is an issue, there are a number of well-respected fertility specialists in the area.

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